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Get Hooked on Fishing meets FNWA
Flintshire Junior GHoF Coach A Roaring Success


Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association’s initiative ‘Get Hooked on Fishing’ swam with the big fishes for the National Get Hooked on Fishing Championship 2011.
The competition, taking place fo the first time this year at Glebe Fisheries in Leicester on 1st and 2nd of September, saw 12 projects come together and have their peer mentors match off for the trophy.

The first day of the competition gave all ‘Get Hooked on Fishing’ members an opportunity to have practice sessions with their coaches to perfect their technique.

The matches took place the following day, and saw ‘Get Hooked on Fishing’ Flintshire finishing 17th out of a total 57.

But the guys from the Flintshire & Wrexham project run by Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch, did not go home empty-handed, with one of the participants making the winners' list by being awarded the prize of Best Peer Mentor.

After a very positive reaction by all participants, there will now be a National competition once a year.

If you are interested in becoming a member of ‘Get Hooked on Fishing’ or volunteer for the initiative, contact [email protected] or call 01352 708118.

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Backs the Get Hooked on Fishing Initiative

showed its support for Get Hooked on Fishing Wales by handing out a cheque worth £100 to the Get Hooked on Fishing project, at the company's
North-East Wales power plant in Connah's Quay.

Tracy Hill, Operational Excellence Team Manager, John Pacey, Plant Manager, and Gary Wilkes, Site Manager, who is also a volunteer coach for Get Hooked on Fishing Wales, were present, along with our very own -Factor Media volunteer Laura Taylor, who captured the moment in her press release available here.

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Get Hooked on Fishing Week 2011

The ‘Get Hooked on Fishing’ programme delivers fun and interactive training around the sport of angling.

Get Hooked on Fishing UK
It is designed to engage with local communities, particularly those who have high level of economic or social deprivation and to involve them in the activities undertaken.

To coincide with the beginning of the Get Hooked on Fishing Week, the UK-wide website of the project was revamped, and launched on 1st June 2011. Follow this link to discover its new look.

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GHoFF Getting Praised

Rob Kirman B.Sc., Superintendent of the Eastern Division at North-Wales Police, visited Get Hooked on Fishing Flintshire. Here is what he had to say about the project:

On Friday evening I visited the 'Get Hooked on Fishing' project run by Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association along with a great bunch of volunteers and officers who all give up their free time for the project. A total of 25 youngsters were there on Friday, some with parents but in the main on their own and all really enthusiastic about the job in hand - fishing! Some of the youngsters there are well known to the police for causing anti -social behaviour in and around the towns they live. I went to see them at about 4:30pm, by which time they were just about ready to hit the water.

They told me that they would be fishing until about 7.30pm and by the time they packed up and got home it would be nearer 8.30pm. This is just the time that problems with youngsters and anti-social behaviour peak and so the project is an excellent way to divert them from causing problems whilst at the same time it gives them a new skill and hobby that they can continue to enjoy long after they leave the scheme. I am very grateful to the hard work of the team delivering 'Get Hooked on Fishing' and hope it continues for many years.

I was very pleased with what I saw on Friday and think it is an excellent project.

Thanks, Rob
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Our 1st Competition Winner!
GHoFF 1st competition winner - Click here

GHoFF held its first competition on Tuesday the 31th August 2010.

The aim was to catch the most fish during the day's session. The young people put into practice what they had learned since participating in the project.

From a total of 14 attendants, the winner was Shane Geary, aged 13 (pictured), who had the biggest catch of the day with a total of 4lb5oz worth of fish.
Close behind was Jamie Griffiths with 4lb, while in joint third, both Bradley Butler and Sara Ellis managed a 2lb2oz haul each.

There will be another 3 or 4 additional competitions, at the end of which points acquired during each session will be added up, and the overall winner will receive a prize.

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Sessions Under Way

Get Hooked on Fishing Flintshire have been running a couple of sessions already.

The first one took place on Friday the 13th of August. Let's hope it will be a good sign for the rest of the project. The following session took place on Tuesday 17th.

Around 20 young people attended over the two days. They were from 9 up to 19 years of age and from different areas of Flintshire. One of the youngest ones said he loved the fishing and believed himself to be an expert at it!
A member of the public, from Greenfield, along with his son who came to participate in the fishing session as a coach, said he was very happy with what he saw, finding the event very well organised and the coaching good. The equipment and pond looked the part. He also noticed how well behaved the young people were and how well they listened to the advice given, putting in to practice what was taught.

Another person, whose sons participated in the sessions, declared:

I would like to say a very big thank you to Get Hooked on Fishing Flintshire's team for showing such willingness to help my two boys learn about fishing. Travis and Bradley attend every week and are having a "brill time" as put by themselves. This scheme has gone above and beyond to help the kids enjoy themselves everytime, so again an extra big thank you and a pat on the back for all you do, may the scheme grow in the coming years and help many more youngsters. Myself and my partner are always here to give a helping hand xxxxxx.
Peer mentors are themselves fishing enthusiasts, and are learning along with the young people.

So this has been a promising start. Well done everyone, and we are looking forward to the next sessions.

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Get Hooked on Fishing Flintshire (GHoFF) Gets Noticed

Are you ready?Dr Natalie Djohari, of Substance, wrote for Angling Research on the Get Hooked on Fishing project in Flintshire, in an article entitled "Brokering relationships between young people and the community: the GHoF Flintshire launch".

The future of the project will depend however on how well supported they are by the local community, schools, policing and youth agencies that stand to benefit from GHOF's particular brand of engagement.
So support the project, because it is not just the Youth that will benefit, but also the rest of the community.

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Get Hooked on Fishing Flintshire Up And Running

Are you ready?July 13th 2010 was the launch date for GHoF’s new scheme in Wales – hoped to be the first of many. GHoF Flintshire is an initiative of Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association (FNWA).

A grant from the Environment Agency Wales, has helped with the set-up costs. Redrow Homes provided the venue.

It culminated with a fishing event to mark the occasion, with local youngsters from Ewloe, joined by GHoF ‘veterans’ from GHoF Liverpool.


Lady Janet Jones JP DL, the High Sheriff of Clwyd, declared GHoF Flintshire officially opened by cutting a ‘fish ribbon’ at the ponds.

The project is benefiting from support from Get Hooked on Fishing and excellent links have already been established with GHoF Liverpool, itself part of North Liverpool Positive Futures.

The -Factor, Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association's project, is delivering the scheme as part of its Youth Engagement Programme. The GHoF activities enables local young people to grow in confidence, teach each other good fishing and conservation practices and enjoy themselves.

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Get Hooked on Fishing uses the buzz of catching fish to engage young people in positive activities and encourage peer mentors to teach others about good fishing practices.

Watch GHoF in action.

Here, peer mentors from the Get Hooked on Fishing (GHoF) Liverpool scheme interview staff and young people to find out how GHoF got started and what they enjoy about fishing.
This video also features young people explaining good and bad angling practice.

More Get Hooked on Fishing Flintshire videos to come...

Get Hooked on Fishing is developing projects all around the UK, with many more videos available. We can't show you all of them, as the number is expecting to grow, but you can have a look here as more are expected to be uploaded to YouTube.

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If you would like to find out more about the new scheme, become a volunteer or simply take part then please get in touch by email – [email protected] - or telephone - 01352 708118 / Mobile 07515051193.

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